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7600 Manchester, Los Angeles, CA 90045 Sunday, December 04, 2016
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  Best Garage Door Repair
Sunday, December 04, 2016

Replace those worn out Garage Door Springs. Today’s special is replacing all 4 P7-28 springs on a one piece Garage door for $ 210.00 Regularly priced at $ 245.00 Same day installation. WE ALSO SELL NEW GARAGE DOOR SPRING, GARAGE DOOR OPENER PARTS, TROLLEY, WHEELS, HINGS, CABLE, LOGIC BOARDS, PHOTO CELLS, DOOR PARTS, TORSION SPRINGS.

The Los Angeles County cities and zip codes we work in.

Los Angeles, CA.
Los Feliz
Franklin Hills
Silver Lake
Manhattan Beach
Redondo Beach
Hermosa Beach
Little Tokyo
South Park
Boyle Heights
El Sereno
University Hills
Atwater Village
Cypress Park
Eagle Rock
Glassell Park
Highland Park
Lincoln Heights
Montecito Heights
Monterey Hills
Mt. Washington
Echo Park
Angelino Heights
Franklin Hills
Echo Park
Historic Filipino town
Mission Junction
MacArthur Park
Elysian Park
Solano Canyon
Elysian Heights
Elysian Valley
Beachwood Canyon
Cahuenga Pass
Hollywood Hills
Hollywood Dell
Whitley Heights
Hollywood Heights
Laurel Canyon
Mount Olympus
Nichols Canyon
Outpost Estates
Sunset Hills
East Hollywood
Little Armenia
Thai Town
Virgil Village
Melrose District
Melrose Hill
Sierra Vista
Spaulding Square
Yucca Corridor
Harbor City
Harbor Pines
Harbor Gateway
San Pedro
Port of Los Angeles
Point Fermin
South Shores
Vista del Oro
The Gardens
Rolling Hills Highlands
Vinegar Hill
Terminal Island
Sunset Junction
Arlington Park
Athens on the Hill
Baldwin Hills
Baldwin Hills Estates
Baldwin Village
Baldwin Vista
Broadway Square
Cameo Plaza
Canterbury Knolls
Century Palms
Chesterfield Square
Exposition Park
Gramercy Park
Green Meadows
Hyde Park
Jefferson Park
King Estates
Leimert Park
Magnolia Square
Manchester Square
Morningside Circle
View Heights
Vermont Knolls
Vermont Park
Vermont Square
Village Green
West Adams
Kinney Heights
North University Park
Figueroa Corridor
University Park
West Alameda
West Park Terrace
Roscomare Valley
Beverly Glen
East Gate Old Bel Air
West Gate Bel Air
Upper Bel Air
Benedict Canyon
Beverly Crest
La Cienega Heights
Brentwood Circle
Brentwood Glen
Brentwood Hills
Brentwood Park
Brentwood Village
Bundy Canyon
Kenter Canyon
Crestwood Hills
Mandeville Canyon
Westridge Heights
South Brentwood
Century City
Cheviot Hills
Castle Heights
Del Rey
Ladera Heights
Mar Vista
Marina Peninsula
Pacific Palisades
Marquez Knolls
Huntington Palisades
Palisades Highlands
Santa Monica Canyon
Rustic Canyon
Palisades del Rey
Westside Village
Playa del Rey
Playa Vista
Rancho Park
Home Junction
Regent Square
South Robertson
Reynier Village
Venice Canals
Loyola Village
Manchester Square
Westport Heights
West Los Angeles
Holmby Hills
Little Persia
Westwood Village
Carthay Circle
Carthay Square
South Carthay
Little Ethiopia
Sycamore Square
Fairfax District
Olympic Park
West Pico
Picfair Village
Pico Del Mar
Pico Park
Wilshire Highlands
Wilshire Vista
Arlington Heights
Western Heights
Country Club Park
Greater Hancock Park
Brookside Park
Fremont Place
Hancock Park
Larchmont Village
Windsor Square
La Brea-Hancock
St. Andrews Square
Wilshire Park
Longwood Highlands
Park Mile
Windsor Village
Harvard Heights
Victoria Park
Lafayette Square
Wellington Square
Miracle Mile
Miracle Mile North
Miracle Mile South
Park La Brea
Wilshire Center
Korea town

Tip of the day: GARAGE DOR OPENERS
Need very little maintenance if it’s a chain drive opener oil the chain with a 20 or 30 weight motor oil once every 3 to 5 years depending on location. Have your garage door professional service at least every 5 years.  More Garage Door Safety and Maintenance Tips .


We repair all makes and models of garage door openers in Culver City, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Pacific Palisades, Marina Del Rey, Palya Del Rey, Venice, Mahattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, Carson, Willmington, Gardena, Hawthorne, Los Angeles. such as Genie, Automatic Doorman, Stanley, Blue Max, chamberlin, Crusader, chief, suiox, 202ss, Moore O Matic, Vemco, embasador linx, Wayne Dalton, Clopay, Martin, CHI, Overhead Door, Windsor, Tavart, Rankin, best, remotes, transmitter, car, lift master, liftmaster openers, liftmaster operator, new liftmaster, liftmaster chain drive, liftmaster screw drive, liftmaster belt drive, Holmes E900, 1000, R1, R2, 1100, LCJ7, lcj8, lcj, ELCJ, elcj7, elcj8, GS980, 9800, 880, 8800, Genie PRO, 82, 98, 88, 90, Professonal, 83, 93, 88S, 98, CM, Genie Excelerator, Genie Stealth. We also replace broken garage door springs, sectional garage door springs, torsion springs holmes springs, King Hardware, American hardware and springs, Tavart, rankin, Apex.

Garage Door Repair can be a tricky and dangerous operation if you don't know what you are doing. There are extremely powerful springs that counter balance the weight of the garage door. The springs are connected through a torsion bar to cables. If the cables become loose it can be very dangerous. Most garage door repair should be performed by an expert only. If your repairing a garage door opener always be careful of any moving parts your fingers can get caught in. Also be aware that there is 110 volts of electricity under the cover of the garage door opener so be careful what you touch. If you need garage door repair in Los Angeles, Culver City Ca, Santa Monica Ca, Beverly Hills Ca, Hollywood Ca, Pacific Palisades, Torrance Ca, Gardena Ca, Hawthorne Ca, Ingelwood call us first.

Never attempt replacing a garage door spring or repair unless you are experienced. This can be dangerous and requires special equipment. If you aren't convinced and want to do it yourself you should think again and call GARAGE DOOR SPRING REPAIR in Los Angeles, Ca. A garage spring when breaking is loud. If you hear a loud bang when opening or closing the door, its probably a BROKEN GARAGE DOOR SPRING. If the opener is straining to open the door, it may be a BROKEN SPRING. If the door cocks to one side when you try to open it, it may be a BROKEN DOOR SPRING. Even if your garage door opens your placing great strain on the garage door opener and you may burn it out. Most garage door spring last between 6 to 12 years on average. Sometimes garage door springs can last up to 30 years. The more often you use your garage door the less often garage door springs brake. People that use there garages primarily for storage and open there garage doors once a month normally will have springs brake every 2 to 4 years. The average two car garage door is opened 6 to 10 times per day. Garage doors, garage door openers are made to be used. We carry the largest selection of Torsion springs and one piece garage door springs such as Holmes p7x28, 5x28, 3x28 and also SL7x28 garage door springs on our trucks compare to any other garage door company. Call now for fast and professional service in Culver City, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Pacific Palisades, Marina Del Rey, Palya Del Rey, Inglewood, Venice, Mahattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, Carson, Willmington, Gardena, Hawthorne.

GARAGE DOOR SPRINGS for a one piece garage door, or a sectional garage door, on average last 6 to 12 years. BROKEN GARAGE DOOR SPRINGS are caused by a verity of factors. When pouring the steel to make the wire for the springs all air bubbles may not escape causing the garage door spring wire to fault at a later date under pressure. When heat treating the garage door spring wire, the wire as it cools if there is any inconsistence in its cooling can cause a fault under pressure over time. Garage door springs when they break if they’re older the 5 years of age should all be replaced. Why? Because it is cheaper and more cost effective to replace the other springs then to pay for a second service call within a short period of time of the next spring breaking. Broken Sectional garage door springs on average take between 30 minutes and 90 minutes depending on if there is one spring or two springs the repair costs of broken sectional garage door springs with labor are between $ 145.00 to $ 285.00 Broken one piece garage door springs will range in price including labor $ 105.00 to 275.00 for standard garage door springs. We offer same day service in most cases of garage door spring repair. These are some of the cities we service, Culver City, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Pacific Palisades, Marina Del Rey, Palya Del Rey, Venice, Mahattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, Carson, Willmington, Gardena, Hawthorne.

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Garage Door Hardware and Springs Los Angeles
We repair and replace broken garage door springs. We sell new garage door springs in Los Angeles, Culver City Ca, Santa Monica Ca, Beverly Hills Ca, Hollywood Ca, Pacific Palisades, Torrance Ca, Gardena Ca, Hawthorne Ca, Ingelwood. Garage door spring sizes for a one piece garage door 9 x 28, LI 7 x 28, 7x 28, 5 x 28, 3 x 28, 1 x 28 Holmes Hardware 900, E900, 1100, LCJ7, LCJ8, LCJ, ELCJ, ELCJ7, ELCJ8, King Hardware R1, is rated for 250lb, R2, is rated for 350lb, R3, is rated for 450lb

Sectional Garage Door Springs or Torsion Springs
Standard Sectional Garage Door Springs or Torsion Springs wire sizes 207 x 1 3/4 x 26", 218 x 1 3/4 x 26", 225 x 1 3/4 x 26", 234 x 1 3/4 x 31", 243 x 1 3/4 x 34", 250 x 1 3/4 x 34", 262 x 1 3/4 x 36", 273 x 1 3/4 x 42"

Garage Door Cable Repair in Los Angeles
Don't do it your self. This is a dangerous repair and requires experience. The symptoms are sometime similar to a broken spring without or without the loud bang. GARAGE DOOR CABLES don’t cost very much on average $ 25.00 a pair on steel garage doors they can be replaced within a half an hour on a wood garage door it can take up to an hour or more depending on the job. Keep your GARAGE DOOR CABLES greased or oiled to help prevent ware.

Garage Door Off Track in Los Angeles
Garage Doors properly install don't just hop off their track. What can cause your garage door to come off the tracks are, if you hit the garage door with your car, bashed it in buy parking to close, or a high wind has damaged your garage door. Sometimes the garage door coming down on a bumper of a car, box or trash can cause the garage door to come off the tracks. When this happens you should have the garage door inspected by a professional garage door company and any damaged section should be replaced. But be careful these doors weight anywhere from 200lbs to 350lbs and if they fall on you they can cause great injury or death.

GARAGE DOORS and GARAGE DOOR OPENERS should be serviced every 4 to 6 years.
Rebalancing the garage door springs on a garage door is necessary in keeping stress and strain off the garage door opener which will cause prematurely wearing of parts. Ajust one peice, sectional door springs also known as torsion springs every 4 to 6 years.

Lubricating and inspecting the garage door and the garage door operator is necessary to the safety of your family as well as providing long term usage of your garage door and garage door operator. Standard service calls regularly $ 89.00 with same day service.
It’s important to remember when buying a garage door, garage door opener or replacing garage door springs the longevity of the garage door opener or garage door springs is not only in the quality of products but also the installation of that product.

Buying a Genie, Liftmaster or chamberlain garage door opener is making a small investment into the convenience of your home. And having the right installation is also providing for the longevity of your new garage door opener. We install new garage door openers in the county of los angeles including in Los Angeles, Culver City Ca, Santa Monica Ca, Beverly Hills Ca, Hollywood Ca, Pacific Palisades, Torrance Ca, Gardena Ca, Hawthorne Ca, Ingelwood.

We have been installing and repairing garage doors, garage door openers and garage door springs including torsion springs in Culver City, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Pacific Palisades, Marina Del Rey, Palya Del Rey, Venice, Mahattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, Carson, Willmington, Gardena, Hawthorne. Lets face it, you don’t stay in business for 32 years if your not doing a great and honest job with fair prices. Call us to repair your garage door.


Aluminum Garage Doors Los Angeles County
Wake up Los Angeles, Why should the largest door in your home be the heaviest! A 16' x 7' Aluminum garage door weighs about one hundred pounds. The garage door comes with a baked on enamel paint, you have 3 choices of white, 3 choices of brown, a green, a golden-yellow. The rubber weather-strip on the bottom and sides of the garage door is standard. With new hardware and springs this door would and could last a lifetime.

Upside to buying this garage door :
• Never needs to be painted this is a great door in desert areas as well as areas close to the beach sense it does not rust.
• Seals well on the bottom and sides to prevent leaves dust and dirt from blowing into the garage. The bottom of this door can be cut to accommodate a sloped garage floor.
• These garage doors will never termite.
• Garage door spring replacement is fast and easy. Downside to this door:
• This garage door is not a good garage door if you have a young family, basketball hoop above garage because this garage door can dent.

Steel Section Garage Doors Los Angeles County
Steel sectional garage doors are great there affordable they come painted. These garage doors weigh about 220 pounds. They come in colors of white, almond and brown. They come in 24, 25 and 26 gages they also come insulated and as an option or insulated with a steel back witch makes for a very strong door. We sell all these brands AMERICAN, CLOPAY, WINDSOR, MARTIN, CHI, AMARR, MARATHON, MILLENNIUM, WAYNE DALTON, ANORZORA, SPRINGS, OVERHEAD DOOR.

Upside to buying this garage door:
• You gain headroom clearance for taller vehicles
• You can park your car within inches of the garage door; you need no clearance in front of the garage door for opening because the garage door lifts straight up.
• The raised panel design is very modern over the rib style aluminum garage door.

Downside to this door:
• Replacing sectional garage door springs or torsion springs cost a little more over one-piece garage door springs because it takes more time to replace. Most garage door spring last between 6 to 12 years on average. Sometimes garage door springs can last up to 30 years. The more often you use your garage door the less often garage door springs brake. People that use there garages primarily for storage and open there garage doors once a month normally will have springs brake every 2 to 4 years. Garage doors, garage door openers are meant to be used.
• The quality of paint is not as good on steel garage doors as the paint on the aluminum garage doors.
• Remember it’s important to have a quality installation of a garage door or garage door opener so when shopping for these products keep in mind we have been repairing all makes and models of garage doors and garage door openers as well as installing new garage doors and garage door openers for over 32 years.

Wood Sectional Garage Door in Los Angeles County
Wood sectional garage doors are durable great to look at but cost two to three time that of a steel sectional garage door. If you have a young family or might at some time rent out your home, these doors are difficult to damage.

Upside to buying this garage door:
• These garage doors are strong
• They come in many styles and window types
• Can last for a life time

Downside to this garage door:
• You need to paint the garage door when needed
• If you stain the garage door, you need to varnish it at lest two times a year. The best times would be October before the winter and rain and then in May or June before the heat of summer.

Painting A Garage Door in Los Angeles County
Most quality steel doors come with a baked on polyester enamel coating. To finish the door, the following procedures are recommended. To improve the adhesion of the paint, lightly sand the door’s surface with a fine steel wool to reduce gloss (STEEL WOOL ONLY). Do not expose bare metal. Any exposed bare metal be coated with a primer specifically intended for galvanized metal. Clean your door with a phosphate free laundry detergent. Rinse the door thoroughly with clean water and let dry completely before painting. Solvents are not recommended for cleaning. DO NOT PAINT IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT ~or~ IF THE DOOR SURFACE IS WARM TO THE TOUCH. Dark colors are not recommended where the door is exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods, such as a southern to western exposure. Dark colors absorb and retain the heat. A top coating of a high quality Rust-Oleum brand paint is recommended for the door. At this point, care must be exercised not to paint joint and edge seals, in that, surfaces painted and pressed against the seal will adhere and cause seal damage. Also, to ensure the finish paint is compatible, always paint sample area to test adhesion. Finally, check your paint manufacturer’s instructions carefully for any additional recommendations and future maintenance requirements.

Garage Opener Prices
  • Garage Door Opener CD
  • 1/2 horse power
  • two transmitters
  • call 323-270-5387
Only $415.00
  • Garage Door Operator (SD)
  • 1/2 horse power
  • two transmitters
  • call 323-270-5387
Only $485.00

About us:
Thirty three years in the garage door and electric gate industry servicing the Los Angeles County cities and zip codes below. All of the City of Los Angeles and whole San Fernando Valley area. We have experienced well train service people with well stocked trucks to service you the first time out. Give us a call at 323-270-5387, 818-351-3131, 562-506-1384, 310-734-0929, 626-251-2180, 714-782-9570 for service today at reasonable rates.

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Many garage door complaints to read on the link below.

Andrew of La Porte City, IA on Sept. 22, 2015

I bought this Genie Power Max 1200 garage door opener on 8/8/2015. Installed it on 8/9/2015 on a 9x8 garage door. Installed it with the extension kit for this unit as the instructions drew out. After 6 or 7 time of opening and closing the door, I noticed that the door was still open about 1 1/2 inches after I closed it in the morning when I left for work. After I got home, I reprogrammed the travel settings and ran it up and down to make sure it was operating properly. After 6 or 7 cycles, same thing. Called Genie and was told I had the "old" installation instructions. Downloaded "new" instructions, reinstalled it and the same thing happened. (Starting to see a pattern.) After talking to "customer service" several times, got fed up and took it back to Lowe’s and returned it on 9/21/2015. Went to Menards and bought a Chamberlain. Genie product are junk.


How some GARAGE DOOR REPAIR COMPANIES PAD A BILL they will tell you the rollers on the doors are shot." it's a safety hazard. "If those rollers break when somebody is standing underneath the garage door this it's going to kill someone."

There's problem with the overhead opener. "There needs to be some motor work done.

IF YOU CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW YOU CAN WATCH THIS GREAT INTERVIEW. In a nearby room, the Investigators watched the tech's every move from monitors. Hidden cameras were placed throughout the garage. The only things this tech inspected was his iPhone, and the door sensor we unhooked. Which, by the way, he never mentioned to the homeowner.

He told the homeowner he could replace the rollers and fix the overhead unit, but it wouldn't be cheap. "$564.00 and I'll get those both working perfectly," he said.

We had a second expert look over things. Jeff Mays owns Deluxe Garage Door Systems; his garage door company has an A-plus rating with the BBB. "Everything here's in perfect working order. I wouldn't change a thing," Mays said.

What about the likelihood of the garage doors falling off the rollers and killing somebody? "There's no chance," Mays said.

Sussi questioned the tech about his findings. "You told her if she doesn't replace the garage door rollers the garage door could fall land kill somebody?
"There's a chance it could happen, yes."












Christmas Gifts

Best garage door is offering a LIFT MASTER 1/2 Horse Power Belt Drive garage door opener with 2 remote controls and a wireless key pad installed including tax for $495.00

This makes for a great CHRISTMAS GIFT for friends and family. Call today and schedule a new garage door opener for a CHRISTMAS GIFT

Happy Holidays

Bests Garage Door installing, repairing and serving garage doors, garage door openers and electric automatic gates for over 37 years.


Wood garage door advice
Wood garage doors are more resistant to most damage compared to metal garage doors except for termites or water damage do to rain, snow if the garage door is not well painted and cared for. To care for your metal garage doors, inspect regularly for dents, cracks and scratches. Also, check for any rust that can permanently ruin the door. Wooden doors must be varnished or painted every so often to ensure that it is not exposed to water for prolonged periods. You could also get your doors inspected by a professional who can identify some damage that an untrained eye could miss.

Advice for lubricating garage door hardware
Garage Door Springs and hardware should be oiled once a month with a quality lubricant. Motor oil is the best to use, a light oil such as WD-40 can be used as well. Oil all moving part your garage door and hardware you can also refer to your factory data or spec sheet if available. Have your garage door professional service at least every 5 years.

Garage door safety inspection advice
Garage doors, hardware, springs and garage door openers should be checked for loose or broken parts at least four times a year you can do your monthly oiling at the same time as the safety inspection. Have your garage door professional service at least every 5 years.

Garage door operators advice
Need very little maintenance if it’s a chain drive opener oil the chain with a 20 or 30 weight motor oil once every 3 to 5 years depending on location. Have your garage door professional service at least every 5 years.

Garage door operators
Need very little maintenance if it’s a screw drive opener multi purpose grease should be used on the screw shaft every 2 to 3 years depending on location and how often you use your garage door operator. You can buy this grease at any hardware or home build store. Have your garage door professional service at least every 5 years.

Advice for painting your garage door
Keeping your garage door properly painted will keep you garage door lasting for ever. Always paint your garage door around October or November this will keep a fresh coat of paint on the garage door for the rainy winter season. Have your garage door professional service at least every 5 years.

Balancing a garage door
If you have a garage door that weights 200lbs you want 200lbs of spring tension to keep it balanced. As garage door springs get older they loose tension you should have your garage door rebalanced every 5 to 7 years if you haven’t had any broken springs. Have your garage door professional service at least every 5 years.

Broken garage door spring advice
When you have a broken garage door spring it’s normally cheaper to replace the other springs then to pay for a second service call with in a short period of time. Always call a professional to replace your broken springs. Having the proper springs and the proper balance is important to the longevity of a garage door opener. Have your garage door professional service at least every 5 years.

Garage door safety
Garage door safety should be on everyone’s mind. You may not read about the deaths and injuries that are caused at home from broken garage doors, garage door springs, garage door hardware and sectional garage doors but they happen. Always be in full sight of the garage door when opening and closing the garage door. Keep all moving parts on the garage door and hardware oiled and keep up the inspections for loose or broken parts. Have your garage door professional service at least every 5 years.

Garage Door Service and Repair Areas

Los Angeles 90034, Palms 90034, Los Angeles 91402, Panorama City 91402, Los Angeles 90036, Park La Brea 90036, Los Angeles 90006, Pico Heights 90006, Los Angeles 90293, Playa del Rey 90293, Los Angeles 90064, Rancho Park 90064, Los Angeles 91335, Reseda 91335 , Los Angeles Ca 90731 Los Angeles Ca 90732, San Pedro 90731, San Pedro 90732 , Los Angeles 90025, Sawtelle 90025, Los Angeles 91040, Shadow Hills 91040, Los Angeles 91403, Los Angeles 91423, Sherman Oaks 91403, Sherman Oaks 91423 , Los Angeles 90026, Silverlake 90026, Los Angeles Ca 90001, Los Angeles Ca 90003 , Los Angeles Ca 90007, Los Angeles Ca 90011, Los Angeles Ca 90037, Los Angeles Ca. 90047, Los Angeles Ca 90061, Los Angeles Ca 90062, South Central, Los Angeles 91604, Studio City 91604, Los Angeles 91352, Sun Valley 91352, Los Angeles 91040 , Sunland 91040, Los Angeles 91356, Tarzana 91356, Los Angeles 91602, Toluca Lake 91602, Los Angeles 91042, Tujunga 91042, Los Angeles 90089, Los Angeles 91607, Valley Village 91607, Los Angeles Ca 91401, Los Angeles Ca 91403 , Los Angeles Ca 91405, Los Angeles Ca 91406, Los Angeles Ca 91411, Los Angeles Ca 91423, Van Nuys, Los Angeles 90291, Venice 90291, Los Angeles 90002, Los Angeles Ca 90059, Watts, South Central, Los Angeles 90016, West Adams 90016, Los Angeles 90048 , West Beverly 90048, Los Angeles 90035, West Fairfax 90035, Los Angeles 91307 , West Hills 91307, Los Angeles 90025, West Los Angeles 90025, Los Angeles 90045 , Westchester 90045, Los Angeles 90057, Westlake 90057, Los Angeles 90024, Westwood 90024, Los Angeles 90744, Wilmington 90744, Los Angeles 90010, Wilshire Blvd 90010, Los Angeles 91306, Winnetka 91306, Los Angeles Ca 91364, Los Angeles Ca.91367, Los Angeles Ca 90032, Encino 91316, Los Angeles Ca. 91436, Lawndale 90261 , Florence 90001, Los Angeles Ca. 90001, Gardena 90247, Gardena 90249, Glassell Park 90065, Los Angeles Ca 90065, Glendale Ca 91201, Glendale Ca. 91208, Glendale 91214, La Crescenta 91214, Glendale 91204, Glendale Ca 91205, Glendale 91046 , Glendora 91740, Glendora Ca 91741, Glenoaks 91504, Burbank Ca 91504, Granada Hills 91344, Los Angeles Ca 91344, Griffith Park 90027, Los Angeles Ca 90027 , Hacienda Heights 91745, Hancock Park 90004, Los Angeles Ca 90004, Los Angeles Ca. 90020, Harbor City 90710, Los Angeles Ca 90710, Hawaiian Gardens 90716, Hawthorne 90250, Hermosa Beach 90254, Hidden Hills 91302, Highland Park 90042 , Los Angeles Ca 90042, Hollywood Ca 90028, Hollywood Ca 90029, Hollywood Ca 90038, Hollywood Ca 90068, Los Angeles Ca 90028, Los Angeles Ca 90029 , Los Angeles Ca 90038, Los Angeles Ca 90068, Los Angeles Ca 90069, Huntington Park 90255, Hyde Park 90043, Los Angeles Ca 90043.

Agoura 91301, Alhambra 91801, Alhambra 91803, Altadena 91001, Arcadia 91006, Arcadia 91007, Arleta 91331, Artesia 90680, Athens 90044 , Atwater Village 90039, Baldwin Hills 90008, Baldwin Park 91706, Bel Air Estates 90049, Bel Air Estates 90077 , Los Angeles Ca 90049, Los Angeles Ca 90077, Bell 90201, Bell Gardens 90201 , Bellflower 90706, Beverly Glen 90077, Beverly Glen 90210, Los Angeles Ca 90077 , Los Angeles Ca 90210, Beverly Hills Ca 90210, Beverly Hills Ca 90212, Boyle Heights 90033, Los Angeles Ca. 90033, Bradbury 91010, Brentwood 90049, Los Angeles Ca. 90049, Burbank Ca 91501, Burbank Ca 91502, Burbank Ca 91506, Burbank Ca 91523, Burbank Ca 91504, Glenoaks 91504, Cal State Dominguez Hills Ca 90747 , Carson Ca. 90747, Long Beach Ca 90840, Northridge Ca 91330, Los Angeles Ca 91330, Pasadena Ca 91125, Pasadena Ca 91126, Canoga Park Ca 91303, Canoga Park Ca 91304, Carson Ca 90745, Carson Ca 90746, Carson Ca. 90747, Long Beach Ca. 90810, Castellemare 90272, Century City 90067, Los Angeles Ca. 90067, Cerritos 90701, Chatsworth 91311, Los Angeles Ca 91311, Cheviot Hills 90064, Los Angeles Ca. 90064, Chinatown 90012, Los Angeles Ca 90012, City Terrace 90063, Civic Center 90012, Los Angeles Ca 90012, Claremont 91711, Commerce, City of 90040 , Compton Ca 90220, Compton Ca 90222, Country Club Park 90019, Los Angeles Ca 90019, Covina 9172, Covina 91724, Crenshaw 90008, Los Angeles Ca 90008 , Cudahy 90201, Culver City Ca.90230, Culver City Ca 90232, Cypress Park Los Angeles Ca 90065, Dominguez Hills, 90747, Downey Ca 90240, Downey Ca 90242 , Los Angeles Ca 90013, Los Angeles Ca 90015, Los Angeles Ca 90017, Los Angeles Ca 90021, Eagle Rock 90041, Los Angeles Ca. 90041, East Los Angeles 90022, East Los Angeles 90023, East Rancho Dominguez 90221, Echo Park 90026, Los Angeles Ca. 90026, El Monte 91731, El Monte 91732, El Segundo 90245, El Sereno 90032 , City of Industry Ca 91744, City of Industry Ca 91746, City of Industry Ca 91789, Inglewood Ca 90301 , Inglewood Ca 90303, Inglewood Ca. 90305, Jefferson Park 90018, Los Angeles Ca. 90018, Koreatown 90005, Los Angeles Ca 90005, La Canada-Flintridge 91011 , La Crescenta 91214, La Habra Heights 90631, La Mirada 90638, La Puente 91744 , La Puente 91746, La Puente 91745, La Puente 91748, Rowland Heights 91748, La Verne 91750, Ladera Heights 90056, Los Angeles Ca. 90056, Lake Los Angeles 93550, Los Angeles Ca 93591, Lake View Terrace 91342, Lakewood Ca 90712, Lakewood Ca. 90713, Lakewood Ca 90715, Lawndale 90260, Lawndale 90261, Los Angeles Ca 90045, Westchester 90045, Leimert Park 90008, Los Angeles Ca. 90008, Lennox 90304, Lomita 90717, Long Beach 90802, Long Beach Ca 90808, Long Beach Ca 90813, Long Beach Ca 90815, Long Beach Ca. 90822, Long Beach 90840, Long Beach 90846, Long Beach 90805, North Long Beach Ca 90805, Long Beach 90831, Long Beach 90832, Los Angeles 90009, Los Angeles 90071, Los Angeles 91331.

Los Angeles 90039, Atwater Village 90039, Los Angeles Ca 90049, Bel Air Estates 90077, Los Angeles Ca 90077, Beverly Hills Ca 90210 , Los Angeles Ca 90033, Boyle Heights 90033, Brentwood 90049, Northridge 91330, Canoga Park 91303, Canoga Park 91304 , Los Angeles 90067, Century City 90067, Los Angeles 91311, Chatsworth 91311 , Los Angeles 90064, Cheviot Hills 90064, Los Angeles 90012, Chinatown 90012 , Los Angeles 90012, Los Angeles 90019, Country Club Park 90019, Los Angeles 90008, Crenshaw 90008, Los Angeles 90065, Cypress Park 90065, Los Angeles Ca 90013, Los Angeles Ca 90015, Los Angeles Ca 90017, Los Angeles Ca 90021, Los Angeles Ca 90029, Los Angeles 90041, Eagle Rock 90041, Los Angeles 90023 , East Los Angeles 90023, Los Angeles 90026, Echo Park 90026, Los Angeles 90032 , El Sereno 90032, Los Angeles Ca 91316, Los Angeles Ca 91436, Encino 91316 , Los Angeles 90065, Los Angeles 91344, Granada Hills 91344, Los Angeles 90027 , Griffith Park 90027, Los Feliz 90027, Los Angeles 90004, Los Angeles 90020 , Hancock Park 90020, Hancock Park 90004, Los Angeles 90710, Harbor City 90710 , Los Angeles Ca. 90042, Highland Park 90042, Los Angeles 90028, Los Angeles Ca 90038, Los Angeles Ca 90068, Hollywood 90028, Hollywood 90038, Hollywood 90068, Los Angeles 90043, Hyde Park 90043, Los Angeles 90018, Jefferson Park 90018, Los Angeles 90005, Korea town 90005, Los Angeles 90056, Ladera Heights 90056, Los Angeles 91342, Lake View Terrace 91342, Los Angeles 90045, Los Angeles 90008, Los Angeles 90027, Los Feliz 90027, Los Angeles 90066, Mar Vista 90066 , Los Angeles 90019, Mid City 90019, Los Angeles 91345, Mission Hills 91345, Los Angeles 90031, Montecito Heights 90031, Los Angeles 90046, Mount Olympus 90046, Los Angeles 90065, Mt. Washington 90065, Los Angeles 91343, North Hills 91343, Los Angeles Ca 91601, Los Angeles Ca 91602, Los Angeles Ca 91604, Los Angeles Ca 91607, Hollywood 91601, Hollywood 91602, Hollywood 91604, Hollywood 91607, Los Angeles 91324, Los Angeles Ca 91325, Northridge 91324, Northridge 91325, Los Angeles 90272, Pacific Highlands 90272, Los Angeles 90272, Pacific Palisades 90272, Los Angeles 91331, Pacoima 91331, Woodland Hills, Los Feliz 90027, Los Nietos 90606, Lynwood 90262, Malibu 90265, Manhattan Beach 90266, Mar Vista 90066, Marina del Rey 90292, Maywood 90270, Long Beach 90846, Mid City 90019, Los Angeles Ca 90019, Mission Hills 91345, Monrovia 91016, Montebello 90640, Montecito Heights, 90031 Monterey Hills 90032, Monterey Park 91754, Monterey Park 91756, Montrose 91020, Mount Olympus 90046, Los Angeles Ca 90046, Mount Wilson 91023, Mt. Washington 90065.

North Hills 91343, North Hollywood 91601, North Hollywood 91602, North Hollywood 91604, North Hollywood 91607, North Long Beach 90805, Northridge 91324, Northridge 91325, Northridge 91330, Norwalk 90650, Oak Park 91301, Pacific Highlands 90272 , Pacific Palisades 90272, Pacoima 91331, Palms 90034, Palos Verdes Estates 90274 , Panorama City 91402, Paramount 90723, Park La Brea 90036, Pasadena 91101, Pasadena 91103, Pasadena 91107, Pasadena 91125, Pasadena 91126, Pico Heights 90006, Pico Rivera 90660, Playa del Rey 90293, Playa Vista 90094, Pomona 91766, 91768 , Rancho Dominguez 90220, Rancho Palos Verdes 90275, Rancho Palos Verdes 90717 , Rancho Palos Verdes 90732, Rancho Park 90064, Redondo Beach 90277, Redondo Beach 90278, Reseda 91335, Rolling Hills 90274, Rolling Hills Estates 90274, Rosemead 91770, Rosewood 90222, Rowland Heights 91748, La Puente 91748, San Dimas 91773, San Fernando 91340, San Gabriel 91775, San Gabriel 91776, San Marino 91108, San Pedro 90731, San Pedro 90733, Santa Fe Springs 90670, Santa Monica 90401, Santa Monica 90405, Sawtelle 90025, Los Angeles Ca. 90025, Shadow Hills 91040, Sherman Oaks 91403, Sherman Oaks 91423, Sierra Madre 91024, Signal Hill 90755, Silverlake 90026, South Central, Los Angeles Ca 90001, Los Angeles Ca 90003, Los Angeles Ca 90007, Los Angeles Ca 90011, Los Angeles Ca 90037, Los Angeles Ca 90047, Los Angeles Ca 90061, Los Angeles Ca 90062, South El Monte 91733, South Gate 90280, South Pasadena 91030, South Whittier 90605, Studio City 91604 Sun Valley 91352, Sunland 91040, Tarzana 91356, Temple City 91780 , Toluca Lake 91602, Topanga 90290, Torrance Ca 90501, Torrance Ca 90506, Torrance Ca 90277, Torrance Ca 90278, Glendale 91204, Glendale 91205, Tujunga 91042, Universal City 91608, Sawtelle 90025, Valley Village 91607, Van Nuys 91401, Van Nuys 9140, Van Nuys 91405, Van Nuys 91406, Van Nuys 91411, Van Nuys 91423, Venice 90291, Glendale 91046, Vernon 90058, View Park 90043, Walnut 91789, Walnut Park 90255, Watts, Los Angeles Ca 90002, Los Angeles Ca 90059 , West Adams 90016, West Beverly 90048, West Covina 91790, West Covina 91793 , West Fairfax 90035, West Hills 91307, West Hollywood 90069, West Los Angeles 90025, Westchester 90045, Westlake 90057, Westlake Village 91361, Westlake Village 91362, Westwood 9002, Whittier 90601, Whittier 90605, Whittier 90608 , Whittier College 90608, Willow brook 90059, Willow brook 90222, Wilmington 90744 , Mid Wilshire 90010, Windsor Hills 90043, Winnetka Ca 91306, Burbank Ca. 91510, Woodland Hills Ca 91364, Woodland Hills Ca 91367, Long Beach Ca 90831 , Long Beach Ca 90832.

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Rating: Excellent

Joe, is the best,second time he repaired my garage(different problems), he really knows what he is doing and gets it done quick!

Rating: Excellent

I bought a new garage door and opener from Joe. He installed it today nice garage door clean installation and a quite garage door opener. Very competitive price. Very happy with the new look to my home I would recommend this garage door company.

Rating: Excellent

Our garage door needed a replacement battery. The repair was done less than 24 hours after I made the call. The repairman was efficient, friendly, thorough, and seemed very trustworthy. Highly recommended

Rating: Excellent

Called to get my garage door opener repaired. I got all the labor prices quoted to me on the phone. They came out 10 minute fix price was what they said it was on the phone. Good experience would use them again. Jill in Manhattan Beach.

Rating: Excellent

Broken spring when I opened the garage door today. I've had service from Best Garage Door three times over the past 10 years and they do great work at reasonable prices. Called at 9:30 AM and everything was working by 3:00 PM with 2 new springs. Great service - why call anyone else!

Rating: Excellent

I had an early 7am morning emergence of a broken garage door spring. Joe and his son came out fixed it in 20 minutes to get me on my way to work. I thought I would be missing work today. Thank You so much.

Rating: Excellent

we shopped around for a new garage door mesa garage door was doing a bait and switch on us so we found Joe at best garage door the prices he quoted on the phone was the same prices he gave us at our home gave him a deposit the new garage door was installed two days later and we are very happy with the work.

Rating: Excellent

Thank you for the fast help. Needed to get to work Joe had me out of the house two hours after I call for repair. GREAT SERVICE. Would highly recommend this company.

Rating: Excellent

I love these guys. Joe is the best. He is extremely knowledgable about garage doors and garage related issues, but also has a lot of building construction knowledge in general. So he can understand your needs in a greater scope. Joe has extensive knowledge on different manufacturers, brands, hardware types, and quality. I thought the prices were very fair, and the work was fast and completely hassle free. Had my new door up in no time. Best home improvement experience I've had so far. Thanks Joe! - Natassa from Oak Park

Rating: Excellent

Great and efficient service, timely too! No question about a return call if that should ever become necessary.

Rating: Excellent

Joe came out right away and fixed the problem with a fair price. I didn't know that springs can be so dangerous until I read his website thoroughly today. I will be cautious, and let him do the repairs!

Rating: Excellent

Joe was on a call at my Neighbor's house. I asked him about a problem that I was having. Joe happily came over and took a look. He gave me some advise, he could not have been nicer. If and when I need his service he will be my first call. Thank You Joe.

Rating: Excellent

Thank you Joe for the emergency garage door spring repair on Sunday and on Fathers day. It's always good to talk to you. Thanks again. Steve

Rating: Excellent

We got the broken garage up and running, fair price, plus tips and insights on the nature of garage doors

Rating: Excellent

Joe recently came over to fix my garage opener. Instead of over selling me (as I expected), he told me that our current equipment was all in good order and he helped repair the small issue. Good and honest person. Will certainly use for any and all future needs.

Rating: Excellent

Well done and quick job.

Rating: Excellent

Joe is the BEST! Bought our garage door from him 16 years ago. Needed service twice. Great customer service. Prompt reply. Fair pricing and he won't try to sell you stuff you don't need. Even showed my husband how to replace the bracket if he needs to in the future. Highly recommend BEST. Thanks Joe!!!

Rating: Excellent

It is always fixed quickly The owner is knowledgable and the charge is reasonable.

Rating: Excellent

I am so pleased with the work done by Best Garage Door. My boss' garage door broke down when I was on vacation. I called Joe at BGD and took a picture of the unit that was broken. He was able to order the part and come out to fix things in a jiffy. The price was reasonable, the service is excellent and they have GREAT customer service, which is one of the most important things in my book. I'll pay a higher price for great customer service, but luckily, with BEST GARAGE DOOR, I don't have to! Thanks, Joe!

Rating: Excellent

have used service several times over the years and found the work to be excellent

Rating: Excellent

We needed a new garage door opener. I called around to get prices and information. Joe didn't have the cheapest price but sounded the most informed and honest person out of the garage door companies I called. He came out the next day and installed our new garage door opener and did a great job. He showed me how to service the garage door opener and the garage door. I would highly recommend him if you need your garage door fixed.

Rating: Excellent

Joe came a day after my call. When I called; he suggested some options to fix the problem. Well observed and realized after the call; I knew I had to have a "maintenance apt ". He arrived on time---called first to be sure it was still convenient---how rare! Then did some simple, (to him but vital/unknown to me), adjustments and the door worked just fine. Gave me very good advise on how to monitor it until I really needed to have a new door or better yet & less expensive, alterations to the door dimensions---in one day when arranged! Best Garage Door INDEED! This is personal & professional service in an age where it is fairly non-existent !

Rating: Excellent

Joe really knows his stuff. Prompt and professional service and very fair prices. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Rating: Excellent

Joe is very knowledgeable and patiently answered all my "stupid" questions. He made sure I understood what was going on with my garage and opener and comfortable with the "game plan". If you want prompt, reliable, fairly priced service, give Best Garage Door a call and ask for Joe. I have recommended him to my neighbors!

Rating: Excellent

Joe immediately diagnosed my erratic grade door light as a vibration problem. One answer I would never have thought of. One call and a few minutes later we had a durable electrical connection. Good inventive fix Joe!

Rating: Excellent

I had a broken garage door opener. Joe was recommended by a friend of mine. I call and set an appointment he came out to my home. He told me my garage door opener was very old which I already knew and I may need to replace. He sold me a new Liftmaster garage door opener that was so much quieter then my old garage door opener and worked so smooth. he service the garage door as part o the new installation which was great. So I was very happy with his complete job. Thank You and happy Holidays from Jim

Rating: Excellent

My driveway automatic gate had stopped working the gate opener is about 15 years old I thought it may be time to replace it. Joe came out had it fixed in 20 minutes for a $118. I had another company come out for a free est. they wanted to replace the machine costing $2445 they said parts were no long available it seems that wasn't true. Bob Dearwood in PV.

Rating: Very Good

My garage door opener failed to open last night. I called Best Garage Door, Joe repaired the garage door this morning and I was out of the house and off to work. Fast service. I highly recommend this garage door company.

Rating: Excellent

My neighbor gave me this companies phone number they had used him and were very happy with his service. I was in need of a new garage door and garage door opener. I called, they came out gave me prices that seem to be fair. two days later they installed my new garage door and garage door opener and it looked and worked great. Very happy with their service would recommend them to anyone else. Gene in Santa Monica

Rating: Excellent

My experience with this company was excellent. Joe was able to come out and fix my garage door the same day that I called. The price was very reasonable. Joe diagnosed the problem quickly and completed the work very professionally. If you have a garage door problem, just call this company.

Rating: Excellent

I had a broken garage door spring. My neighbor highly recommended Joe Lucey from Best Garage Door Company. I called him up he gave me the cost of the service call of $89.00 plus the cost of spring. I have a steel sectional roll up garage door so he gave me a range of pricing for new torsion springs. The prices sounded fair he came out did the work charged in the range he said on the phone I was happy. If you need a good garage door repairman try Joe Lucey. Thank You Joe

Rating: Excellent

Joe Lucey came out to my house today within two hours from placing my call. He was very professional and made the necessary repairs to my garage door within one hour. It was an extremely good experience and I would recommend Best Garage Door to anyone in need of this type of service. Dan

Rating: Excellent

Garage door spring repair. Outstanding service. Prompt, very professional, very friendly, great work, very reasonable cost. Would highly recommend.

Rating: Excellent

Very happy customer. Joe does a great job. Quality work, good communication, arrives when he says he will be there. Work performed in a reasonable amount of time. Keeps the job site organized and clean. Joe has done two doors for me. I most certainly recommend him.

Rating: Excellent

My old Genie garage door opener die on me after 22 years. I called 3 places Joe gave me the most information and his prices where right in there with the others. He installed a new Liftmaster screw drive garage door opener it seems to much smoother then my Genie opener. He adusted the garage door, set the remotes to my cars homelink showed me how to service my garage door and opener. I couldn't have asked for anything more. I highly recommend Best Garage Door Repair. GREAT JOB DONE. Bob Kingsberry

Rating: Excellent

Joe came to my house twice to repair a garage door opener that has not been working now for a year. He assessed the problem and gave me options, and returned within a week and repaired it. Now it is so quiet and works perfectly. He spent time checking everything, greasing the wheels, tightening the spring, etc. and making sure everything worked well. I'm very pleased with his service and would recommend him to any garage door problems.

Rating: Excellent

New garage door springs, new garage door opener I called 3 garage door repair companies and I want with Joe and his son. They where reasonable in their prices and very professional. This middle eastern guy from express garage door that I called before Joe came out to my home wanted to charge me for the same garage door repair job $1255.00 Joe installed everything for me $637.00 big savings. I recommend Best garage door for there repair and honest service.

Rating: Excellent

Joe's same day service was fabulous and "cured" my seemingly random problem.

Rating: Excellent

Passant and seen to know his stuff. Took out time to explains everything to me. Will recommend to others

Rating: Excellent

I was very happy to have been referred to Best Garage Doors by a friend. The gentleman, Joe was prompt, polite and totally knew what he was doing. Also, he was quick and did not charge me much!!!! 5 STARS!!! Linda Veerkamp

Rating: Excellent

Had an old garage door opener that needed repair the first company came out told me there were no parts for my machine I didn't trust them so I paid them 29.00 for coming out for nothing. My neighbor told me about Joe at best garage door I called him he had it fix in 20 minutes. Saved me from buying a new machine.

Rating: Excellent

Great fast service and fixed our problem. He readjusted the tension on the springs and replaced a roller as well. Thanks!!!

Rating: Excellent

The service was on time and very efficient. I made a phone call and Joe gave me a ball park figure. Not only did he do what we had discussed on the phone,He also lubed and adjusted everything as well& came in under the price estimated. Great guy to do business with!! If you have garage door problems,This is your guy!!!

Rating: Excellent

new sectional garage door and all the hardware installed in 4 hours as scheduled. also repositioned & re-enforced my automatic opener to fit the new door. excellent product and excellent service.

Rating: Excellent

I had a broken garage door opener the machine was over 25 years old. I thought it may be time to replace it. It turned out the part I needed was no long made by genie so I bought a new garage door opener from Joe and he did a real nice job installing it for me. i highly recommend him for garage door repairs.

Rating: Excellent

Very knowledgeable and responded promptly will use them again when needed and highly recommend them

Rating: Excellent


Rating: Excellent

Thank you Joe I always feel your so honest and fair will your prices. I hope you never go out of business.

Rating: Excellent

Quick and efficient service. Joe also took time to discuss maintenance after a repair.

Rating: Excellent

Service was excellent. Saved me money, very honest and provided "extra" service. I would highly recommend.

Rating: Excellent

Had a rental that the garage door wasn't working. We called after 7pm and Joe was there early the next day. Repaired fast and with only service fee and $13 in parts. Joe was a great guy and was a pleasure to talk with and he got the job done fast which made our tenant very happy. Highly reccomend him for your garage door needs.

Rating: Excellent

I was very satisfied with the service I got from Best Garagedoor Repairs...Joe was very qualified at his trade and reset my door on track and adjusted and lubed it in short order. I would recommend him to anyone needing garage door repairs...his rates also seemed fairly competitive. Cal Tiegs...Sunland.

Rating: Excellent

According to my wife, your company showed when they said they would and finished the job within the time advised. The price estimate was as advised. I inspected the finished task. The job looked as good if I had done the job myself (which I considered). When finished he even had a minute to greet the dogs. And to top it off he was a car guy.

Rating: Excellent

Joe was in the process of installing a garage door on my neighbors condominium unit when I asked him if he could assist me with my outside remote control which was inoperative. Joe had it fixed within a minute and explained to me what to do in the future, all without charging me. There are few people this nice these days and I will always call him for any needed repairs and I recommend him to anyone needing a new garage door or servicing.

Rating: Excellent

Joe was very prompt to answer my call for repair of my garage door opener. He got right to the problem. He only charged me the service fee of $89. And Joe didn't try sell me a new opener to replace my 15 year old opener. I am retired engineer, and especially appreciated his sharp technical skills. I highly recommend Best Garage Doors.

Rating: Excellent

Showed up on time and complete the job quickly

Rating: Excellent

very good service at reasonable price

Rating: Excellent

Had a broken garage door. Joe and his son fixed my garage door within 3 hours of me calling. Joe thanks for the great work. I wish your son well when he goes back to Cal State LA. Great engineering school. Jimmy In Santa Monica

Rating: Excellent

Joseph was prompt and thorough. He took the time to explain and answer all of my questions. He provided top quality work at a fair price. Thanks again for doing a great job. Scott - La Crescenta CA

Rating: Excellent

Joe responded to my initial phone call very promptly and came out the next day to look over the job. While I had been planning to replace my jammed garage doors he came up with a clever idea that allowed reuse of the old doors, saving me about $1000. He and his son quickly fixed our doors and he came up with a couple other ideas for repair of our lifted driveway. Joe is smart and honest, and I highly recommend him.

Rating: Excellent

They are very professional and reliable. Promptly respond. Thanks

Rating: Excellent

We called three different companies to repair our door. Only Joseph did it and gave us real options not up selling. He eqplained everything that needed to be done and did it right the first time. I am responsible for contractors at our 60unit complex and I know when a person knows his field and Joseph is now our go to guy.

Rating: Excellent

Today I had Joseph Lucey 9,20,2014 , thought we were going to need a whole new motor plus Springs Joseph arrive and told us know your motor is still fine just need to replace a gear inside plus Springs. Very honest hard to find that now days everybody's just trying to make an extra buck off you . No doubt in my mind if my garage breaks or anybody I know would recommend Joseph. Hands-down five star extremely happy with the service I received today from Joseph honest fair reasonable cannot say enough words about the great experience I had today with him.

Rating: Excellent

We've saved so much money working with Best Garage Door, and Joe has proven himself to have a high level of integrity (as well as being a super nice guy). While several neighbors in our townhome complex have spent around a grand each replacing their garage doors, Joe engineered a bracketing system a couple of years ago that has already greatly extended the life of our garage when we thought we'd need to replace it, and we expect to have several more years out of it (the cost - I can't recall exactly, but it was $250-300 total for the visit, equipment and repairs). Today our garage door wouldn't close, so I called Joe again. He came out an hour and a half after I called, fixed the sensors (which had moved out of place, likely thanks to my kids), lubed all of the parts, didn't try to upsell me on anything, and charged me $89. I know far too many people who get scammed into fixing what isn't broken and easily spending a few hundred dollars more than necessary or replacing their whole garage, when that isn't necessary. I highly recommend Best Garage Door Repair.

Rating: Excellent

Great service. Prompt response. Patiently explained everything. Fair price. Thank you!

Rating: Excellent

Our cable broke in the morning and by afternoon our door was repaired. Quick service and reasonable prices can't be beat!

Rating: Excellent

We woke up to a broken spring and called and they were out within a couple of hours got our springs done and lubricated the door and one again it is working great.

Rating: Excellent

Joe performed a service call for me. He is bright , reliable, and comprehensive. I would recommend him without reservation

Rating: Excellent

Called this morning talk to Joseph. My car was stuck in the garage and I needed to get to work. well I there now because he was kind enough to explain how to use the emergency release that was on my garage door opener but I never had to use. Thank You so much Joseph see you on Saturday.

Rating: Excellent

I have been having Joe repair my garage door for more then 12 years. Today he replace a cable on my roll up garage door took him 20 minutes. Joe thank you for the good work I hope you never retire. Jimmy from RB

Rating: Excellent

Joe of Bestgaragedoor is the only one in the world who gives excellent advice on garage doors problems and provides hard to find parts for free! Can't find anyone like this at all! Thanks.

Rating: Very Good

Thanks for fixing my broken garage door spring. You did a great job and the price is right. Your and honest man Joe. The price you gave me on the phone was the same price on the bill. Anyone needing to have a garage door fixed this guy is great. Thanks Again Peter

Rating: Excellent

Installed a new Liftmaster garage door opener for me today works great. I'm very happy with the service and product.

Rating: Excellent

Joe thanks for the new garage door springs and garage door opener your service and prices are always worth waiting for. It was nice to see your son working with you. I wish him well in his studies. Sally M

Rating: Excellent

Joe is great. There when you need him with excellent service and an intelligent, friendly demeanor. I would go nowhere else if I need Garage door service.

Rating: Excellent

Joe thanks for the good work as always nice meeting your son. I have been using this garage door company for over 20 years his work is always great and his bills have always been reasonable thanks once again Joe Sr. and Joe Jr.

Rating: Excellent

Today on Fathers Day, I had a broken garage door spring my cars are stuck in the garage. I thought I would be paying a premium for garage door repair service today. I call Joe he came out charges me $89.00 plus parts for the repair. My bill with a tip was a total of $250.00 thank you so very much Joe for the good service and fair price.

Rating: Excellent

I needed emergency garage door repair I called this company at 6AM they where the only company out of 5 that answered the phone that early in the morning. They where at my home in 45 minutes fixed the garage door they charged me there standard rates $89.00 good service, good personalities, so I give them a good recommendation.

Rating: Excellent

I have been using Joe Lucey to repair my garage door for years. He normally gives me good prices on the phone if I can describe the problem to him in detail. I still call around to get other prices just to make sure and he has always gives me competitive prices and he always gives a good conversation. Thank You Joe your your help and good work

Rating: Excellent

Awesome service!!! Friendly technician.

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